Ground Heater E2200

Ground Heater E2200

  • Thaw ground - quickly, easily, and economically

- 2,200-4,400 sq. ft. with standard equipment*
- up to 4,400 sq. ft. in ½ the time with accessories
Varies based on soil conditions. Complete a Ground Heaters' Thaw Cost Plan.

  • Cure concrete - in cold weather with confidence

- up to 4,400 sq. ft. with standard equipment
- up to 13,200 sq. ft. with accessories
Varies based on application. Complete a Ground Heaters' Cure Cost Plan.

  • Prevent Frost - large areas, very economically

- up to 6,600 sq. ft. standard
- up to 19,800 sq. ft. with accessories

  • Heat workspace - dry heat and fuel efficient

- up to 360,000 cu. ft. with accessories
Varies based on application. Ask your dealer for a Air Heat Cost Estimate.

  • Up to 130 hours run-time
  • Engineered for reliable, trouble-free start
  • Easy to operate
  • Economical
  • Dependable
  • Built Tundra Tough™
  • 87% heater efficiency - highest in the industry

Thaw and cure large areas:

  • Thaw up to 1 foot deep/day(dependent on conditions)
  • Set, finish and cure concrete like it's summer
  • Protect newly poured concrete from frost

Dimensions and capacities (no generator/with generator)


Length 167"
Width 72"
Height 88"
Ground clearance 12"
Weight w/o fuel 4,715/5,240 lbs
Weight with fuel 5,772/6,297 lbs
Fuel capacity 150 US GAL
Heat Transfer Fluid 95 US GAL
Pumps, 265 gph positive displacement 2
Hose (2 x 1100 ft) 2,200 ft
Hose reels 1
Hose rewind 120V AC electric, w/ 12V DC clutch
Circulation loops 2
Tires ST235/80R16
Hitch pintle or 25/16" ball



Brakes 12V DC electric
Tie Downs (for transport) 4
Ground fault interrupt yes
Main circuit breakers 2
Burner motor thermal protection manual reset
Burner Ignition electronic
High temperature shutdown yes
No-flame shutdown yes
Low fluid shutdown/warning light yes
Vented closed loop circulation yes
Hydronic heater operating pressure 0 psi
Temperature gauges 5
Pressure gauges 2
Interior light, 120V AC 1



Heater, gross output 252,000 BTU/H
Heater, net output 220,000 BTU/H
Heater, efficiency 87%
Temperature controller digital
Fuel consumption at full load 1.80/2.20 US GPH
Fuel requirement winter blend diesel
Run time up to 130 hours
Electrical requirement 2 x 20 amps x 120V AC
Normal operating temp 100°F - 180°F
Normal hose operating press. 70-90 psi



HTF flow rate per loop 265 US GPH
Thawing capacity (std equipment) 2,200-4,400 sq ft
Thawing capacity (w/ accessories) up to 4,400 sq ft
Curing capacity (std equipment) 4,400 sq ft
Curing capacity (w/ accessories) up to 13,200 sq ft
Frost Prevention (std equipment) up to 6,600 sq ft
Frost Prevention (w/ accessories) up to 19,800 sq ft
Air heat capacity (w/ accessories) 360,000 sq ft
Performance monitoring system yes