Concrete Curing Equipment and Concrete Curing Blankets for Winter Construction

Concrete Curing in Cold Weather 

The Fusion Series Advanced Concrete Curing System allows concrete work to continue throughout the cold weather of the winter months. This results in more efficient scheduling of construction crews and equipment and helps to maintain a steady work schedule throughout the winter. The Fusion Series cold weather concrete curing system works well for thawing sub grades and curing concrete walls, concrete form curing, curing concrete slabs on grade, curing elevated concrete slabs and curing concrete columns without the need for expensive and time consuming heated enclosures. The Fusion Series Concrete Curing system can also be used for concrete pre pour warming for cold concrete pouring or for pre warming a concrete form for cold weather construction. Just place the hoses of the Fusion Series concrete curing system on the concrete or concrete form that needs to be heated or the concrete that needs curing and cover with the insulated construction blankets and you can work all winter long. Since the Fusion Series concrete curing system only heats the area under the insulated concrete blankets, it is much more efficient than heated concrete enclosures for concrete curing. This concrete curing system also works great for curing footings and for winter concrete pouring.


Setup is faster and less expensive than enclosures for concrete curing

Hoses and insulated blankets provide more efficient and more uniform heat than concrete enclosures

The construction blankets and hoses are reusable - LESS WASTE

The Fusion Series concrete curing system doesn't contaminate the work area with harmful fumes or carbon monoxide

Fusion Series heating units are quiet and easy to use

Adaptable - hoses can be placed to cure concrete in almost any location

Recommended R 7.48 Insulated Construction Blankets for Concrete Curing

Insulated Blankets for Concrete Curing


These insulated concrete curing blankets are comprised of twelve layers of nominal 1/16" Microfoam insulation, sandwiched by one layer of nominal 7 mil reflective coated poly (one surface only) and one layer of non-reflective poly (black color exterior).


These concrete curing blankets have been tested for their effective ability to radiate, convect, and conduct heat facing the product toward a 3" airspace. Testing on these concrete blankets was conducted using ASTM C-518-91 as a procedural guide.


Easy to use. These construction blankets need no rewetting, no resealing, and can be used over and over again.


Sizes available


6’ x 25’

12’ x 25’

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